Why this website

The idea was born out of a personal experience being an adoptee myself.  Having a busy schedule it was not the ideal for me to attend a support group regularly as the social worker suggested.

Also, being an introvert, the sharing with strangers did not appeal to me.  But a strong support system is a necessity.  The process of emotional healing is a slow and complicated one.  You will realize how slow in a few years from now, and you will realize how complicated if you don’t talk.  Without your Faith, family, friends and the ones closest to you it is almost impossible to succeed on this mission, but to be able to talk about your feelings is vital for surviving emotionally.  And more so if you talk to people in the same circumstances, knowing what you feel, been there.

I’ve spoken to many people on this subject and one issue always stands out – people who are not in the triangle of adoption do not have an idea of the rollercoster of emotions that this entails.

Working through these feelings take deliberate effort, patience, loving care from loved-ones and, unfortunately, lots of time…

So, if you are –

This website came to life especially for you.

By telling your story and sharing it with others, you can play a significant role in someone else’s life.  By reading a story you might find something significant for yourself.  Whichever it may be, I hope that through Adoptionstories you can find something special that will stay with you – for always!

Make the best of this journey!